Rent A Christmas Tree

If you want a real Christmas tree this year, you can rent one!
Christmas tree rentals are a fast-growing market. (pun definitely intended πŸ€“)
Chances are you'll be able to find a farm close to you offering self-pickup or delivery.
There are many benefits to renting:
  • All the benefits of a real tree without having to deal with the waste after the holidays
  • No tree waste!
  • Adopt a tree. Some companies allow you to rent the same tree, year after year, even allowing you to name it. So the tree can grow with you and your family.
  • Pot-grown Christmas trees are less resource intensive than land grown Christmas trees
  • Carbon! Since it's a continuously living tree, it'll continue to pull carbon out of the atmosphere
  • If you rent local, you are supporting local businesses
  • If you rent local, you're also guaranteeing a low carbon footprint


Here are some we've found:

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