KoKo Eko Teams Up with Hawaii Community Foundation for "Maui Strong" Initiative

KoKo Eko Teams Up with Hawaii Community Foundation for "Maui Strong" Initiative

Turning Everyday Buys into a Force for Good in Maui

KoKo Eko is both thrilled and humbled to announce a strategic partnership with the Hawaii Community Foundation, an organization with a top 4/4 star rating on Charity Navigator. The "Maui Strong" initiative, launched on October 2nd and slated to run until the end of the year, aims to provide immediate and long-term aid to the Maui communities devastated by recent wildfires.

The wildfires in Maui have left an indelible mark, claiming nearly 100 lives, burning thousands of acres, and displacing countless residents. The scale of the disaster has made it the fifth-deadliest fire in U.S. history and the worst natural disaster in Hawaii's history. This isn't just news; it's a narrative—one that we can change. KoKo Eko is committed to contributing to a new chapter.

The "Maui Strong" initiative is philanthropy made simple. Shop as you always do, and 20% of the net proceeds goes to the Hawaii Community Foundation's dedicated Maui fund. No hoops, no hurdles—just impact.

KoKo Eko isn't just a marketplace; it's a movement. We aim to make sustainable living a way of life. Every purchase you make through KoKo Eko already contributes to saving at least five trees. The "Maui Strong" initiative is our way of saying, "Why stop there?”

Summer Dew, Founder of KoKo Eko, states, "The 'Maui Strong' initiative is more than a campaign; it's a commitment. With roots that reach back to Hawaii, this isn't just business; it's personal. We're proud to collaborate with the Hawaii Community Foundation, an organization that shares our values and has a proven track record in community support. We see this as a pivotal moment where businesses and consumers can come together to address pressing issues. We invite everyone to join us in this meaningful endeavor."

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For more information, visit our Maui Strong Campaign Page.

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