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Exfoliating Soap Saver Bag

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Introducing the sisal soap saver bag, a two-in-one marvel.

With this bag, gone are the days of fumbling with slippery bars or begrudgingly discarding those tiny remnants.

Simply pop the bar into the pouch, run under water, and lather up for an exfoliating treat. Not only does it hold your soap, shampoo, or conditioner bars (yes, even the ones for Fido), it also doubles up as a body exfoliator. Slide your bar in, and let the magic happen.

The result? Skin so smooth, you might just start questioning your life choices. And when the show's over, hang it up and let it air-dry. No more soap opera dramas on your bathroom shelf.

Eco-friendly + skin-friendly = Bathing brilliance. 🛁🌱

Materials: Naturally derived sisal from the agave plant, wooden bead
Size: 5.3" x 3.5"
Comes package-free
Portion of sales goes to 1% for the Planet
End of Life: 100% compostable

📦 Free Shipping over $75