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Kitchen Kit

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Organic White
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Tackle many of life's messes with this cleaning kit.

Clean, disinfect, deodorize, and wipe up just about anything life throws at you. With our EPA registered disinfectant.

 🫧 Buy once. Refill forever. Create your multi-purpose cleaner at home, with the push of a button.

 🫧 Refillable capsules are a fraction of the cost of traditional cleaners.

 🫧 Kitchen towels that can be washed and restacked replaces 1000's of paper towels. Goodbye single use paper products. Hello savings.

 🫧 Super absorbable dishcloths that can soak up any liquid mess. Simply rinse and reuse. Or wash for a deep clean.

 🫧 Plant powered sponges replaces your old bacteria loving sponges


     *Surprise Print - actual print may differ from what is pictured. Each roll comes in a variety of surprise prints. 

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