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Toothpaste Tablets - Peppermint

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Huppy Toothpaste Tablets are a toothpaste alternative that naturally whitens, fights plaque, and freshens breath without adding more plastic waste to our environment.

Tablets are made with clean ingredients like peppermint oil, coconut oil, aloe vera extract, and xylitol, and contain nano-hydroxyapatite, a non-toxic fluoride alternative that remineralizes tooth enamel & helps fight sensitivity.

Recipients of multiple beauty awards from Women's Health, Healthline, and SELF, Huppy’s Toothpaste Tablets are also vegan, non-GMO, and cruelty-free.

62 Tablets, Aluminum Refillable Case

Ingredients: Xylitol, Coconut Oil, Nano-hydroxyapatite, Peppermint oil, Calcium Carbonate, Aloe Vera Extract, Sodium Bicarbonate, Tea Tree Oil

Container: Tin

Packaging: Recyclable cardboard

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Customer Reviews

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Lori M.
Try out

I bought the travel packs so I could test the toothpaste tablets to see if I'd like them. I've tried others and hated how they felt in my mouth, fizzing and tasting like baking soda. This was a perfect way to try out Huppy. I like the taste and how it works so now I have convenient little packs I can take in my travel kit.

Reviewed on: Huppy

Ace G.
I share them with my girlfriend

I have tried toothpaste in metal tubes, tooth powder, and another brand of tooth tablets. These are by far the best I've tried and I really enjoy using them. And here's my little trick - I think that a half a tablet is more than enough to brush my teeth with, so my girlfriend and I have a cute toothbrushing ritual where we split a tablet! Only downside is I can never hide it if I skip brushing my teeth lol.

Reviewed on: Huppy

Michelle R.
Best all around

The best toothpaste tablets…I’ve tried at least a dozen and these are the best in every way

Reviewed on: Huppy

Joan R.
Love the concept!

The peppermint is fantastic and I absolutely love the convenience, lack of mess and plastic, and taste. I threw out the charcoal though.

Reviewed on: Huppy

Donna C.

I have nine kids, so as you can imagine, my sinks get filled up with toothpaste goop. But not with Huppy! These are SO great, not just for my kids, but I love them too. And to know they’re healthy and fluoride-free just makes them the perfect product!

Reviewed on: Huppy