At KoKo Eko, we are a community of individuals dedicated to creating a positive impact on the world. We understand the challenge of finding effective and sustainable products that are free of toxins and kind to the environment. This is why we have made it our mission to provide quality, eco-friendly alternatives to your daily essentials.

With a focus on offering only the best sustainable products and technologies, we aim to make your transition to a more sustainable lifestyle effortless. You can trust that the products we offer are not only effective, but also safe for both you and the environment.

At KoKo Eko, our goal is to support you in both preserving the environment and providing the best care for your family and home.


We empower people to live a more sustainable lifestyle. We believe living in a way that is good for us, others, and the environment can be easy.


What We Do

Living sustainably should be easier than it currently is.

We find the brands doing the most good by reducing waste and single-use plastics, lowering emissions, ethical wages and conditions, responsible sourcing and materials, cruelty-free products, and more.


We simplify living a more sustainable lifestyle by finding non-greenwashed, responsibly-made products for you.


After finding and researching these brands, we share the best products in one marketplace with product pages that detail the brand’s sustainable efforts — so it’s easier to decide what to buy and why.


We won't always get it right, and that's why we strive to build open and honest relationships with our customers and partners.



Progress, not perfection

We all come from a variety of backgrounds, each with our own unique experiences. Becoming more sustainable can be a tough problem to solve. We think expecting everyone to get everything right, all at once, is not only silly, but also detrimental to progress. So we're here to guide you along your path, wherever you may be, while also traveling ours.

Lead with integrity

In a world with misleading claims. An already hard problem becomes a lot harder. We are here, doing what we do, because we believe deeply in it. We spend the time digging through the "eco-friendly" products to find the gems.

We aren't always going to get it right. When we make a mistake, we'll be quick to fix it, and share what went wrong. Like we said above, progress over perfection.

Act with care

Sustainability is more than a trend. For us, it's the right thing to do. We don't see the world or people around us as something to exploit. We believe in building things in a way that is good for all.

Quality over quantity

Sometimes sustainability is associated with sacrifice. We’re here to tell you that while living more green may be different, it doesn’t always have to be a sacrifice. On the other hand, we also believe more isn’t always better. The relentless cycle of buy and toss, never having the right thing, and dealing with all that 'stuff' tends to bring more stress than happiness. When was the last time that pile of things made you happy? We help cut through the clutter, so you find what you need and it does it's job well.