Mon Vert Candles

KoKo Eko is excited to introduce Mon Vert Candles, a collection of pure beeswax candles crafted with heart and sustainability. Woman-founded, Shannon, created a brand that stands as a beacon of natural and ethical craftsmanship in the candle market.

Together, we invite you on a journey to illuminate your spaces and lives with candles that do more than just glow—they inspire a cleaner, greener world.

The Story Behind: Mon Vert Candles

Combining my passion for bees and crafting candles, I embarked on a journey to create something truly special: pure beeswax candles that illuminated just rooms, but also hearts with their warmth and sustainability. Finding that most candles on the market were filled with synthetic wax, dyes and fragrance oils, and the negative impact it had on my own health as well as my family, I made it my mission to create the highest quality candles that were also affordable. By saying no to synthetics, we not only protect the health and well-being of our customers but also reducing our impact on the environment. Believing in the power of simplicity, each candle is handcrafted with care, preserving the natural essence of the beeswax, and honoring the hard work of the bees.

Today, I source the finest beeswax from local beekeepers, small farms and apiaries along the East Coast who share their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. This contributes to the conservation of bees and bee populations.

Thank you for being part of this, oh, so sweet journey!

Meet The Maker

Shannon's Story

Shannon, a passionate advocate for sustainability, a candle enthusiast, and love of bees. From an early age, I’ve been captivated by the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Whether hiking through the lush green forests of Vermont, soaking in the sun on a New York shore, or simply taking a moment to appreciate the harmonious humming of bees in my garden, nature has always been my greatest source of inspiration and joy. 

     Driven by a deep commitment to living in harmony with the Earth, she had dedicated herself to crafting candles that not only illuminate spaces but also honor the beauty of nature without harming it and the hardworking pollinators, bees. Using sustainably sourced ingredients like beeswax, each candle created is a reflection of her love for the environment and her desire to tread lightly on the planet. 

    When Shannon is not pouring candles or exploring the outdoors, you can find her curled up with a good book, making bee-derived skincare or spending quality time with her family. Life is a beautiful journey, and Shannon is so grateful to share it with you as we strive to make the world a greener, more sustainable place for humans and pollinators alike, one candle at a time.

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Exclusively on KoKo Eko

Passionately handcrafted and meticulously hand-poured in micro-batches, using only 100% pure locally sourced beeswax.

These candles are unadulterated by synthetic fragrances, essential oils, dyes and colorants. Offering a pure beeswax candle that burn natural and clean. Illuminating your space with a warm, golden light. Relax with a subtle, honeyed aroma reminiscent of wildflower patches.

These inviting amber jars are a KoKo Eko exclusive.