World Water Day | Groundwater Source

World Water Day | Groundwater Source
We are celebrating World Water Day all week long this year!



In celebration of World Water Day, we are raising awareness for this year's theme, groundwater.

Groundwater is an essential source of water and is used by close to 50% of people in the United States alone.

Raising Awareness

Nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide live without access to clean water. Water is one of the world’s most precious resources, and many of us don’t realize that much of our water comes from the ground. 

Women and children are burdened with collecting water in 80% of households without access, spending several hours a day gathering water that is dirty. Having a clean water supply enables them to pursue an education, income, and good health.

It’s Not Charity; It’s Empowerment. 

Having easy access to clean water increases the standard of living of those who had previously lacked it. This empowers women who lift up their families and communities, and children can stay in school. Education gives children the opportunity to build brighter futures.  

The absence of education and extreme poverty puts everyone at risk because we are all living together in the same boat.

Unstoppable Foundation

Join us this year in supporting the Unstoppable Foundation by making a donation. Their 5-Pillar Model not only builds schools but provides the entire community with access to clean water and sanitation, food and nutrition, healthcare, and alternative income training for parents.


We are matching donations made from March 22 - March 29.

Support Here

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