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Compostable Cling Wrap

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This cling wrap is designed to protect your food and then break down into carbon and water, not persist in landfills.


  • Superior Stretch & Cling: High-performance stretch ensures your food is snugly wrapped. Perforated squares make usage a breeze.
  • Versatile Use: Clings effortlessly to metal, glass, plastic, or even directly to food. Perfect for preserving leftovers in the fridge or freezer.
  • Size Specs: Generously sized at 100 sq ft -- 11.8” x 101.7’ (30cm x 31m), ensuring you have ample wrap for all your needs.

Eco Credentials: Crafted from plants (PLA & PBAT), it is fully compostable. After serving its purpose, it meets internationally recognized standards to safely biodegrade in municipal or commercial composting facilities, leaving no environmental footprint.

Pack Details: A roll that's both functional and eco-friendly, ensuring you're making a sustainable choice every time you wrap.

Koko Eko's Note: When it comes to preserving food, we believe in solutions that don't compromise your food (think plastic leech) or our planet's well-being (plastic pollution). This cling wrap is a testament to that belief. It's about wrapping today's meals without wrapping up our future in plastic.

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    Works like Reynolds

    I ordered this to help reduce single use non recyclable plastic. It’s 100% compostable and works like the stuff you get at stores. It clings to itself and has a serrated edge to cut it or you can use a Food Wrap Dispenser with Cutter as seen on TikTok.