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These conditioner bars contain plant-based ingredients, are super concentrated, and are manufactured in the USA with plastic-free packaging!

These bars contain plant-based ingredients, are super concentrated, with plastic-free packaging. They are scented with natural oils and boast nutritious vitamins for your hair. They also travel well!

Good for ALL hair types

Last for approximately 50-75+ washes (2-6+ months)

Meets TSA size requirements


Sweet Sandalwood is a warm, woody, amber type with minor floral and patchouli notes.

Vanilla Coconut is a tropical, fruity vanilla scent. Vibrant and delicious.

Citrus Sun is a tart, fruity citrus blend.

Simple Fresh is a bittersweet, mint scent.

Cool Breeze boasts a fresh herbal citrus and woodsy scent.

Wild Vanilla is a herbaceous, sweet, and earthy floral blend with lavender and minor Vanilla notes.

Unscented is a fragrance-free bar. Please note: No additional fragrance has been added to these bars, but you may smell slight hints of the butters and oils used to hold the bars together.

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