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Foaming Hand Soap Refill Tablets

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Experience the magic as you drop a tab in water and watch it dissolve from a humble tab to luxurious foaming hand soap. Abracadabra? More like abra-ca-clean.

Heads Up, Soap Lovers: These tabs have standards. They only mingle with foaming hand soap dispensers.

How It Works: One concentrated tablet + 250ml of water = a hand soap experience that's borderline spa-like. You're welcome.

Pick Your Potion:
🍯 Honey Clementine - Think orange peel went on a date with honey. This is their love child.
🥥 Warm Coconut - If a coconut got a sun tan and wore vanilla perfume, this would be it.
🍊 Sweet Citrus - Ruby red grapefruit with a lemony sidekick. The dynamic duo of freshness.
🍋 Fresh Lemon - As classic as a lemon stealing lemons. Pure, unadulterated citrus joy.

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