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Eco-Clean in a Tab: Ditch the plastic and embrace the future of cleaning with Nature Bee's Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray Tablets. Gone are the days of traditional cleaning sprays full of chemicals, housed in endless plastic bottles, and that artificial lemon scent we all secretly despise.

With just two tablets, you unlock endless shine and a bright, refreshing mix of sweet ruby-red grapefruit with a hint of genuine lemon. It's all the clean, none of the waste, and a touch of the future.

Simple Steps to a Cleaner Tomorrow:

  1. Grab a 17oz (500ml) spray bottle (any will do).
  2. Fill it with warm filtered water.
  3. Drop in a tablet.
  4. Wait for the magic (aka dissolution).
  5. Unleash your inner cleaning guru.

Standout Features:

  • Sustainability at its Best: No more buying endless plastic bottles.
  • Eco-Friendly Formula: Vegan and biodegradable. Mother Earth sends her regards.
  • A Visual Treat: Transforms into a mesmerizing dark pink hue. Who knew cleaning could be this aesthetic?
  • Packaging with Purpose: 100% recyclable. Because we care about the afterlife (of packaging).
  • Pack of Two: Comes with 2 Tablets

Safety First: Keep it away from those curious kiddos and pets. And while it smells divine, it's not a beverage. Don't drink it.

Koko Eko's Note: We're all about choices that reflect a commitment to our planet. This is one of them. Clean with purpose.

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