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Leaf Shave

The Leaf Kit

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The Leaf Razor is the world's most advanced plastic-free razor. The difference is felt in the results, the only thing you'll wonder is why you didn't make the switch earlier. This Leaf Kit comes with a razor, stand, 60 blades in total and a blade recycling tin - you'll be set for a long while :).

There is no razor like The Leaf. It's truly designed for any body, shaving anywhere from head to toe. What sets it apart? Load multiple blades (you choose: 1, 2 or 3 to customize it), with a the unique pivoting head not found on any other safety razor.

The Leaf's multi-blade design is engineered to be gentle, adjustable, and efficient. Users report faster shave times, safer shavings than traditional safety razors, and a far lower learning curve. The Leaf razor covers a lot of ground very efficiently.

A long, balanced handle delivers control.

Your old razor will look and feel like a toy after switching. Welcome to the last razor you'll ever buy.

What's Included
  • The Leaf razor with 10-blade starter pack(1x)
  • The Leaf Stand (1x)
  • 50-blade pack (1x)
  • Blade Recycling Tin (1x)
  • 🌍 Plastic-Free Packaging
Is this a fit for me?
You can shave anywhere with your Leaf razor, from head to toe, and in between. It's a favorite of body shavers (legs, underarms, chest etc.) and head shavers as it efficiently covers lots of ground. If you're looking for a plastic-free razor that is most similar to what you're using now, The Leaf is the best choice.

Looking for a smaller razor for face shaving, or precision shaving? Check out The Twig razor.

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