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Leaf Shave

The Leaf Kit

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Berryblue (Special Edition)

Say goodbye to plastic razors and hello to the world's most advanced plastic-free razor, The Leaf. This complete kit includes The Leaf Razor, Razor Blades, Leaf Stand, and Blade Recycling Tin, making it the perfect solution for all your shaving needs.

With its unique pivoting head and the option to load 1, 2, or 3 blades, The Leaf is designed for any body, so you can shave anywhere, from head to toe, with ease and comfort. The multi-blade design is engineered to be gentle, adjustable, and efficient, providing faster shave times and safer shaves than traditional safety razors.

The Leaf's long, balanced handle delivers control, while the included Leaf Stand ensures your razor is always within reach and protected. The Blade Recycling Tin makes it easy to dispose of used blades in an environmentally friendly manner, so you can feel good about your purchase.

Users report a far lower learning curve with The Leaf, and many are amazed at how much better their skin feels after switching. Your old razor will look and feel like a toy after experiencing The Leaf.

What’s Included

  • Leaf Razor
  • Leaf Stand
  • 60 Blades
  • Blade Recycling Tin
  • 🌍 Plastic-Free

Welcome to the last razor you'll ever buy. Upgrade your shaving routine with The Leaf Kit today.

    Is this a fit for me?
    You can shave anywhere with your Leaf razor, from head to toe, and in between. It's a favorite of body shavers (legs, underarms, chest etc.) and head shavers as it efficiently covers lots of ground. If you're looking for a plastic-free razor that is most similar to what you're using now, The Leaf is the best choice.

    Looking for a smaller razor for face shaving, or precision shaving? Check out The Twig razor.

    Razor: Rust-resistant zinc alloy
    Blades: stainless steel

    Packaging: Recyclable paperboard

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