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Toothbrush & Dental Floss

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The plastic-free handle is compostable and is sourced from a sustainable forest in Switzerland.

It is recommended to replace every three months and it should be stored upright to allow it to dry between brushes.

Ditch the polyester or nylon flosses for an eco-conscious alternative. This floss is made from sustainable, fully compostable corn-based pla, and coated with natural wax.

This vegan dental floss comes in a refillable glass dispenser.

Toothbrush shelf life: Recommended replace after 3 months, twice daily

Floss Shelf life: 36 months

Floss Supply: 150-175 uses

BPA free

End of Use: Snap off the head and compost or reuse the beechwood handle. Compost the floss and compost or recycle the box

Floss Ingredients: Castor-oil Pla floss, candelilla wax, Mentha spicata herb oil
Brush Material: Beechwood Handle, Nylon Medium Bristles
Packaging: Glass flint, steel lid, kraft-board box, vegetable ink, recyclable, compostable.

BPA free

📦 Free Shipping over $75