Stand with Maui

Join us in supporting the Maui disaster relief efforts with every purchase.

Lahaina's Heartbreaking Tragedy

The serene landscapes of Lahaina and other parts of Maui have recently been overshadowed by one of the most devastating disasters in Hawai'i's recorded history. As a hurricane passed south of Hawai'i, it ignited fires that raged uncontrollably, consuming homes, landscapes, and, heartbreakingly, claiming many lives. Families have been torn apart, cherished pets lost, and entire homes reduced to ashes. The emotional and physical scars of this catastrophe run deep, and the pain felt by the community is immeasurable.

KoKo Eko's Stand with Maui

In these dark times, KoKo Eko is committed to bringing a ray of hope and support to the grieving communities of Maui. Here's our heartfelt pledge:

  • Our Pledge: For every purchase made through this initiative, we will contribute 20% of the net proceeds to the Maui Strong Fund. This fund is dedicated to providing immediate relief, supporting grieving families, and aiding the long-term rebuilding and healing efforts in Lahaina and other affected areas.
  • Your Role: Every purchase you would already will beacon of hope and solidarity. By choosing KoKo Eko during this initiative, you're directly aiding the recovery and healing process, showing your profound aloha and compassion for the devastated communities of Maui.

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